Why Clinique moisture Surge is the best moisturiser you’ll ever purchase

I recently got a sample pot of this moisturiser and hands down its the best thing I’ve ever tried skin care wise.

This has blown me away I’ve been looking for ages and ages for the perfect moisturiser for my combination and also very problematic skin and this has done wonders.

It’s kind of a gel formula and feels like silk on my face and the tiniest bit goes so far which is amazing as it’s on the more pricer side of skin care but still totally worth it.

Me and my boyfriend are both using it as he also has very dry skin.

I’ve notice a massive massive difference in my skin a lot less blemishes and my skin is so much softer and now have no more dry patches! Always a bonus!

So if you are looking for a new moisturiser this is for you is really does cater to all skin types and has fast noticeable differences. No more waiting weeks realises you spent your money on something that doesn’t work, this is instant!

You can get it pretty much anywhere that sells Clinique and now since using my sample pot I have now purchased me and my boyfriend a full sized product each!

Literally clinque just take all my money because you’ve done good.

Moe oxo


Clinique take the day off eye remover

I recently purchased this product because I was really struggling getting my eye make up off at the end of the day. I wanted something that worked instantly and also was soft on the eye and believe me this is it!
It's not the cheapest of products but I really think it's worth the price when it does the job but leaves your eyes feeling super refreshed!

Another plus is you have to use the smallest amount and it goes along way which is awesome when you are spending that little bit more!

Go check it out you honestly won't regret it!

Moe oxo


kiko mascara


I am always experimenting with different mascaras as i love to have fuller longer lashes but i don’t like the feeling of fake ones. Sadly i have the smallest eyes so anything that will help them look bigger i am for!

I found this Mascara a few years back and its always been a constant repurchase as i can not live without! Its perfect for every day use and also night time when adding another layer. This mascara is so perfect if you are looking for something that does the job and beyond but also light weight and easy to remove, a triple threat product i like to call it.

This mascara is also extremely affordable, last time i purchased in Rome so i paid four euros but i have looked online for a Uk current price and its 7 pound 20 pence, which is a bit off a difference but still such a great price for what you get. I pretty much use it every day and have only purchased it four times maximum in the last 2/3 years which i think is a win win!

If you are looking for something thats more natural looking and lightweight this summer i would honestly recommend this mascara you can’t lose anything by trying especially for such a cheap price!

Link Below, don’t wait just go!

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ST. MORIZ fake tan!

This the best Fake tan Hands down! I have been using this for years and its so inexpensive, It works a treat and last for days.

With this tan the best way to use it is have a bath and expholiate well and then tan at night, then wash all off in the morning. This will leave you with a nice and natural glow (depending on use). When you do wake up in the morning though you will get the urge to shower straight away as i will say the tan is not that great smelling before wash off nor does it look natural. But once washed off it really does look great with no streaks or smell! Which is all we want in a tan without going on holiday or sun beds and harming our skin!

Ive used it for years like i have said and try many others but i will always go back to this tan in particular as you know what you get, a great tan non smelling tan! Perfect for a night out or a boost of colour in your skin!

There are three options in this tan i believe of different consistencies, one is a more of like a is more of a thick liquid which i find really spreadable and i believe is an instant one and theres is also a mouse consistency which is my favourite as i find its the easiest to apply, then they also do a spray which is the quickest and also very good. So you have plenty of options. There is also different shades you can purchase too.

I honestly would check them out if you haven’t or if you are on the hunt for a summer glow in the bottle the tan last for a good few days and is the best fake tan around in my opinion and its under £5! You can’t go wrong. This can be purchased in all local drug stores as also supermarkets in the uk, so what are you waiting for? Go try it!

Moe oxox.tan

Nanshy R01 buffer!

So yesterday I decided to write a little post on one of the brushes a recently used for a little while and it was a pretty negative review but I also hope helpful. 

So I thought I’d write a positive one on a foundation brush I found amazingly effective! This brush is just brilliant and so trust worthy, I’ve had it for ages and it spreads the foundation so evenly and quickly! 

The brush isn’t massive or bulky and can be easily carried around in a small make up bag for those mid day touch ups! 

This brush has been with me for the last two years and there is no sign of wear and tear either. The best thing about these brushes is that they are cruelty free! 

It is slightly more expensive than the Lottie London but still under £10 (U.K.) which is an aboslute steal for what you get when it lasts so long and used daily! 

Hope this helps with anyone struggling with foundation brushes and not getting on with beauty blenders! 

Moe oxo 


Lottie London Tan brush!

I purchased this brush a few months ago as more of a foundation brush As I prefer using them instead of a beauty blender as it’s so much quicker! 

Massive mistake, its bloody rubbish! (Excuse my French!) the quality when I purchased felt great and I was really happy with how well it blended my foundation, but when I carried on using and washing it, the brush just started falling apart! 

For this I believe it will Be the same with all brushes, I know they are not expensive brushes but you still expect them to last over two months! 

Honestly girls, spending more pays! Lesson learned! 

Moe oxox 

Paccking for a city trip! 

In a few days I’m going on a fabulous trip back to Rome, I went there last year and I’m just so in love with Italy we decided to go back! 
I thought this is a perfect excuse to blog and share my tips when it comes to packing especially when it comes to only being able to bring hand luggage on a plane!! One of the most annoying things about a city break because it makes packing more stressful than it needs to be! 
1. Always be brutal about what you pack – I am such an over packer but when you can only take fewer items I’d pack things you can wear more than once for example, jeans if you are going for only a few days days 2 pairs of jeans and maybe a skirt if you like to dress up for the evening all my jeans are black pretty much anyway so no ones going to notice or care how many times I’ve worn them! Before you place it in your bag, think will I wear this, how many times have I recently worn this? 

2. Pack comfy shoes!! – I can not stress this enough, as a girl I love to look good and dress my best all the times but walking miles and miles all day long wearing my new heeled boots are not going to be practical, if you can cope with the pain than I seriously salute you! 

3. Don’t buy your toiletries at the airport – Honestly ended spending over £20 doing this last year because we knew we couldn’t take our own through security! Wait till you get there and go to the local shop or just use the hotels, trust me you will save money you can spend on better things! 

4. Take plasters and paracetamol – the walking you do in city breaks is unimaginable these will be your best friends 

5. Handbag! – last year I put this inside my hand luggage back then as soon I was on the plane separated the two I found this worked and then you don’t get charged for both! Also when you take a bag around the city with you pack light!!! Don’t let your other half dwindle his way in added extras, mine is very guilty of doing this. Remember you are carrying it around all day, the smaller and light then better!! 

Here are my main Tips I hope this helps and happy traveling☺️✈️🌎

Moe oxo 


There is so much misconception regarding moisturisers especially if you have oily skin like myself! Before i would believe because i had a blemis or more i wouldnt use moisturisers – WRONG!!!

You should always moisturise your skin regardless, you just find the best one for your skin type! The first one you try and buy isnt going to work either and this by no means stop using it! You simply just try more until the right one suits you, its so important to moisturies and hydrate your skin throughout the day!
Our skin goes through so much during the day and is exposed to so much, you get one face look after it! We are always looking for ways to look younger and a good moisturies will do that too,
two simple things to add to your morning and night routine, trust me you’ll notice the difference!!

Moe oxox

Treat yourself!


So the other day i was in our local shopping mall just picking up some essentials and i went in to River Island which i would say most of my stuff is from there, i just love the shop i feel like it really caters to everyones size and also style plus its not massively expensive and good pricing for the regular joe!

I picked up these beautiful bargains, i know winters pretty much over and were going into spring so i won’t get massive use out of them as much as id like but they were reduced from £48 – £20 so i couldn’t just leave them. I am a size 5 also and i feel thats one of the most common shoe sizes so when it comes to shoe sales there is never my size, so how can i leave these beauties?!

I ummed, and arred about these but i have been looking for boots for so long especially ones i can wear in my office at work too! I also never treat myself to clothes anymore as i become older I’ve become so tight with my money so i just thought why not, i really desired these i work hard and i barely spend my money on clothes and shoes so just go for it!

If you work hard for your money i believe treating yourself every now really makes you love your work and realise why you work and do what you do! Its not just for clothes or items its for anything, new car, holidays houses! You make it happen!


Moe oxox


I have been having major problems with my skin recently and big hormonal break outs around my mouth and chin area of my face and I have been trying everything! 

Then I came across this product and I felt instant results! It’s the most amazing skin product and it’s all natural and crutally free, what a bonus! 

It’s basically a tub of charcoal paste and smells like licorish! All need is a tiny amount, place it on your palm and add warm water rub together and it creates a lovely easy texture for your to smother all over your face or chosen areas. 

This can be used all over your body too! Not just your face, I use it on my chest also in the shower and just simply wash off with soap after a few minutes. 

It’s honestly one of the best skin care products I’ve ever come across and works amazing for acne prone skin! 

This product is not massively expensive either and last so long you would believe it! You don’t need to use it everyday to notice the difference a few times a week is perfectly fine and it’s purchable from any lush store or online, So go and get it!! Trust me you will not regret it! 
Moe oxo