kiko mascara


I am always experimenting with different mascaras as i love to have fuller longer lashes but i don’t like the feeling of fake ones. Sadly i have the smallest eyes so anything that will help them look bigger i am for!

I found this Mascara a few years back and its always been a constant repurchase as i can not live without! Its perfect for every day use and also night time when adding another layer. This mascara is so perfect if you are looking for something that does the job and beyond but also light weight and easy to remove, a triple threat product i like to call it.

This mascara is also extremely affordable, last time i purchased in Rome so i paid four euros but i have looked online for a Uk current price and its 7 pound 20 pence, which is a bit off a difference but still such a great price for what you get. I pretty much use it every day and have only purchased it four times maximum in the last 2/3 years which i think is a win win!

If you are looking for something thats more natural looking and lightweight this summer i would honestly recommend this mascara you can’t lose anything by trying especially for such a cheap price!

Link Below, don’t wait just go!

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