ST. MORIZ fake tan!

This the best Fake tan Hands down! I have been using this for years and its so inexpensive, It works a treat and last for days.

With this tan the best way to use it is have a bath and expholiate well and then tan at night, then wash all off in the morning. This will leave you with a nice and natural glow (depending on use). When you do wake up in the morning though you will get the urge to shower straight away as i will say the tan is not that great smelling before wash off nor does it look natural. But once washed off it really does look great with no streaks or smell! Which is all we want in a tan without going on holiday or sun beds and harming our skin!

Ive used it for years like i have said and try many others but i will always go back to this tan in particular as you know what you get, a great tan non smelling tan! Perfect for a night out or a boost of colour in your skin!

There are three options in this tan i believe of different consistencies, one is a more of like a is more of a thick liquid which i find really spreadable and i believe is an instant one and theres is also a mouse consistency which is my favourite as i find its the easiest to apply, then they also do a spray which is the quickest and also very good. So you have plenty of options. There is also different shades you can purchase too.

I honestly would check them out if you haven’t or if you are on the hunt for a summer glow in the bottle the tan last for a good few days and is the best fake tan around in my opinion and its under £5! You can’t go wrong. This can be purchased in all local drug stores as also supermarkets in the uk, so what are you waiting for? Go try it!

Moe oxox.tan


Nanshy R01 buffer!

So yesterday I decided to write a little post on one of the brushes a recently used for a little while and it was a pretty negative review but I also hope helpful. 

So I thought I’d write a positive one on a foundation brush I found amazingly effective! This brush is just brilliant and so trust worthy, I’ve had it for ages and it spreads the foundation so evenly and quickly! 

The brush isn’t massive or bulky and can be easily carried around in a small make up bag for those mid day touch ups! 

This brush has been with me for the last two years and there is no sign of wear and tear either. The best thing about these brushes is that they are cruelty free! 

It is slightly more expensive than the Lottie London but still under £10 (U.K.) which is an aboslute steal for what you get when it lasts so long and used daily! 

Hope this helps with anyone struggling with foundation brushes and not getting on with beauty blenders! 

Moe oxo 

Lottie London Tan brush!

I purchased this brush a few months ago as more of a foundation brush As I prefer using them instead of a beauty blender as it’s so much quicker! 

Massive mistake, its bloody rubbish! (Excuse my French!) the quality when I purchased felt great and I was really happy with how well it blended my foundation, but when I carried on using and washing it, the brush just started falling apart! 

For this I believe it will Be the same with all brushes, I know they are not expensive brushes but you still expect them to last over two months! 

Honestly girls, spending more pays! Lesson learned! 

Moe oxox