Paccking for a city trip! 

In a few days I’m going on a fabulous trip back to Rome, I went there last year and I’m just so in love with Italy we decided to go back! 
I thought this is a perfect excuse to blog and share my tips when it comes to packing especially when it comes to only being able to bring hand luggage on a plane!! One of the most annoying things about a city break because it makes packing more stressful than it needs to be! 
1. Always be brutal about what you pack – I am such an over packer but when you can only take fewer items I’d pack things you can wear more than once for example, jeans if you are going for only a few days days 2 pairs of jeans and maybe a skirt if you like to dress up for the evening all my jeans are black pretty much anyway so no ones going to notice or care how many times I’ve worn them! Before you place it in your bag, think will I wear this, how many times have I recently worn this? 

2. Pack comfy shoes!! – I can not stress this enough, as a girl I love to look good and dress my best all the times but walking miles and miles all day long wearing my new heeled boots are not going to be practical, if you can cope with the pain than I seriously salute you! 

3. Don’t buy your toiletries at the airport – Honestly ended spending over £20 doing this last year because we knew we couldn’t take our own through security! Wait till you get there and go to the local shop or just use the hotels, trust me you will save money you can spend on better things! 

4. Take plasters and paracetamol – the walking you do in city breaks is unimaginable these will be your best friends 

5. Handbag! – last year I put this inside my hand luggage back then as soon I was on the plane separated the two I found this worked and then you don’t get charged for both! Also when you take a bag around the city with you pack light!!! Don’t let your other half dwindle his way in added extras, mine is very guilty of doing this. Remember you are carrying it around all day, the smaller and light then better!! 

Here are my main Tips I hope this helps and happy traveling☺️✈️🌎

Moe oxo 


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