Treat yourself!


So the other day i was in our local shopping mall just picking up some essentials and i went in to River Island which i would say most of my stuff is from there, i just love the shop i feel like it really caters to everyones size and also style plus its not massively expensive and good pricing for the regular joe!

I picked up these beautiful bargains, i know winters pretty much over and were going into spring so i won’t get massive use out of them as much as id like but they were reduced from £48 – £20 so i couldn’t just leave them. I am a size 5 also and i feel thats one of the most common shoe sizes so when it comes to shoe sales there is never my size, so how can i leave these beauties?!

I ummed, and arred about these but i have been looking for boots for so long especially ones i can wear in my office at work too! I also never treat myself to clothes anymore as i become older I’ve become so tight with my money so i just thought why not, i really desired these i work hard and i barely spend my money on clothes and shoes so just go for it!

If you work hard for your money i believe treating yourself every now really makes you love your work and realise why you work and do what you do! Its not just for clothes or items its for anything, new car, holidays houses! You make it happen!


Moe oxox


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