I have been having major problems with my skin recently and big hormonal break outs around my mouth and chin area of my face and I have been trying everything! 

Then I came across this product and I felt instant results! It’s the most amazing skin product and it’s all natural and crutally free, what a bonus! 

It’s basically a tub of charcoal paste and smells like licorish! All need is a tiny amount, place it on your palm and add warm water rub together and it creates a lovely easy texture for your to smother all over your face or chosen areas. 

This can be used all over your body too! Not just your face, I use it on my chest also in the shower and just simply wash off with soap after a few minutes. 

It’s honestly one of the best skin care products I’ve ever come across and works amazing for acne prone skin! 

This product is not massively expensive either and last so long you would believe it! You don’t need to use it everyday to notice the difference a few times a week is perfectly fine and it’s purchable from any lush store or online, So go and get it!! Trust me you will not regret it! 
Moe oxo 


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