Benefit Hoola Zero Tanline – Bad product review.


Some people might disagree with me but this is the worst fake tan i have ever used. I purchased this tan back in the summer and have only used it a few times and after the first it was literally only because i needed tan and had none left of the one i normally use.

I heard such great reviews and opinions on this tan when the product first came out i was desperate to buy and try like most products i buy. But if i was you i really wouldn’t waste your money.

There are so many reasons as to why its not great and this main reason is that its only 12 hours.

I stupidly didn’t look at that when i purchased. I personally  think 12 hour tan is a waste of time especially in when you live in the UK! If you use this tan for a night out and you go to busy a club and a drink gets spilt on you instantly you have a tan line and streaks! Or if its raining again streaks straight away. This is not what you want when you are on a night out or at an event wanting to look and feel good. I believe as well a self tanner that last longer looks better and more natural as well.

The product its self is stupidly sticky and i hate hate hate that about any tan! If its for a few minutes i get that but this one takes ages to finally feel smooth.

With this product they supply you with a small applicator and this is the main thing that drove me to purchase this product, i thought that this was such a good idea. Sadly i was also mistaken, the applicator is dyer and is completely pointless unless you are using the product for your face only. Its way too small and doesn’t do the job. I though because of the way the applicator is designed that this would stop my hands going orange but sadly this was not the case either. Because the applicator is so small the product goes all over your hands and fingers, very annoying! It doesn’t go on any smoother either, this actually makes the application process longer as its much smaller. Mitts are easier as they get more of your body and take less time.


I find the colour of the tan also not great, its very light and hardly noticeable. When i buy  fake tan i don’t want to be orange or a completely opposite colour to my usual self but i do want a some what noticeable difference. It might be my skin colour i am not sure but colour wise i was also disappointed and found myself using another tan on top. Not practice.

The one thing i will say about this tan is the small i find actually really nice, a very fresh pineapple scent which I personally love as it reminds me of being on holiday. If you don’t  hopefully get rained on or a drink down you on a night out there is no streaks which i love and appreciate also.

I Personally would not rate this product at all and i wouldn’t re-purchase especially when it retails for £19.50 its a waste of money. There are so many self tanning products out there for better value and do a ten times better job than this one will. I love many benefit products but this one i was let down and disappointed.




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