The top two drug store foundations

I am not one to spend loads on foundations and when i do i always find myself going back to the same two drug store foundations that i find even better than most high end foundations. Ive been using these two foundations for years and i swear by them!



This is by far by favourite foundation i have ever used and i keep repurchasing it! I can not fault this foundation. What i look for in a foundation is staying on my face and not looking ‘cakey’ my two main must haves. This one has both. I use one pump for day time and the foundation stays on my face all day without and issue. Its only £9.99 retailing at boots too so you can’t go wrong! If you haven’t tried this foundation yet i would consider. If you don’t want to spend a tone of money on a foundation but also want your make up to look good this one is for you. I really really can’t fault this honestly.

L’oreal have recently also brought out a tone of new shades in this foundation which i really respect, some foundations just don’t have many shades and it can get really annoying NOTHING is better than a foundation that matches perfect with your skin!


My second favourite – 


I have honestly been wearing this foundation since i was about 16 and i have never really stopped, if i need to quickly pick up a foundation if i have run out and have no time to go far i will always go to Tesco and get this one. This foundation stays on forever and i use barely anything and it covers my face! Which is two bonus’s in its self as that means it last longer! So again if you are looking for a low budget foundation but want to slay your make up these are really good! Its also amazing for day to day make up when you’re going to work or school as it gives such good everyday make up look.


So again if you are looking for a cheaper foundation thats just as good as a more high end foundation these two are the ones, i couldn’t rave about them any more. They look amazing, make your skin look flawless, stay on all day and you can get away with using the smallest amount and to me thats all you need a foundation especially for day to to day. You will not be disappointed in these foundations! Give them a go!!!


Moe oxox


9 thoughts on “The top two drug store foundations

  1. jadeslemonade says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog (which I love btw!) when you commented on my post about the Emma Hardie cleansing balm. This is the first of your posts I’ve read, but it’s funny as I only use this foundation by L’Oreal and one by Rimmel… I think we must have similar taste! x


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