L’oreal micellar water

Micellar water is always a must have product. Its the easiest way sometimes to remove your make up in the quickest of time and most of them always leave your skin feeling so soft and fresh.

When i have nights where i am to tired to remove my make up i am always reaching for micellar water. I have tried few now and this L’oreal Micellar water is my favourite one i have found so far. I only use about 3 cotton pads and all my make up is removed and my face is looking clean and fresh!

I picked this one up from super drug retailing at £5.99 for a large sized bottle and have been using it nearly every single day in December, sometimes twice and i have still an pretty much the whole bottle left, so value for money with this product is pretty awesome. I normally use the Liz Earle Instant Boost skin Tonic, which i love but it and is my second favourite Liz Earle product but it can be pricey as it retails for £14.99 and doesn’t last as long. If you are looking for something with  cheaper then this is your product. I couldn’t rave about the product enough, i really couldn’t.

I believe sometimes less is more and when i am having problematic skin i tend to stick with just one product one my skin as i don’t want to over power it with different products, this really works for me as its simple and doesn’t stress my skin out so if you are struggling at the moment with problem skin then this is another reason why you should invest!



Moe Oxox



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