2017 Goals

I really can’t believe its 2017 already??! It feels like 2016 just stated, this last year went so quick but i really managed to achieve a lot, which i am so happy about. I visited great places that i have never been before and also did a lot that i wouldn’t normally do and faced many fears. I also turned 21 in 2016 which was so much fun as i spent it in the dominican (blog post back in October).

This year i want to set myself goals that are achievable but also ones i have to work for. I have been thinking for the last month about what i want achieve in 2017 and how i want to make this year great! So i have come up with 7 achievable goals, some can we be done in the next few months the rest will take a year to achieve. I know ill probably add and change one or two but if i achieve just 3 of these goals i will be so happy! So here goes…

  1. Lose two stone – I have so many reasons and excuses as to why i have gained weight over the last year but they’re exactly that.. excuse and now its time to get it back to how i was before. Happy with my body, healthy and confident. I am so determined now to just stop with the junk i am putting in my body and also working out. I have a gym member ship, i have healthy cook books and the greatest guid of all.. access to the internet. Yet i have still been putting junk into my body and not looking after myself at all. Well this year is the time to change all of that.

2.     Pay off all my debts – I have a credit card to pay off and to be honest it only has a slight amount on it but i want that all gone and off by the end off the year and i am so ready for that number to be back down to zero.

3.    Get better skin- I love skin care and try new skin care products but i have also had my fair share of bad skin days this last year and now i want to really focus on having healthy glowing skin through the year and making sure i am making the right choices when it comes to my health not just concerning the inside of my body but also the outside.

4. Save More Money!-  This last year i have managed to save a tone of money and do a lot with the money i saved but this year i want todo better, i really want to move out either this year or the next year and i want to be 100% ready with my finances and also be able to purchase nice furniture to make a house a home.

5.travel more!- I really want to go to places i haven’t been yet instead of going back to the same ones, don’t get me wrong there are so many places i loved and want to go back but there are also a tone more that i want to visit as well. There is so much of Europe i haven’t been and really want to visit this year! Especially Austria i have seen so many pictures and videos i am just dying to visit and hopefully will this year!

6. I want to walk a mile without being in pain! – I have problems with my knees that have been on going since birth and i am currently having like my 9th round of physiotherapy  since birth hoping that this time it might work.. currently its not and i am really trying this time. I am 21 years old and can’t even walk to my local town without wanting to sleep in bed for a week due to being in so much pain. So hopefully this year i will finally be the year i sort out this problem.

Last but not least!!

7.I want create a blog post every day for the rest of the year! – Thats 363 MORE to go! I have so much to say and write about and now have this space to put all these ideas and thoughts why not?. So i have decided to challenge myself for the rest of the year everyday to create a blog post on my thoughts on anything which could be skin care and make up related, to travel and life style.

These are all my goals for 2017 and i can’t wait to achieve them and make this year  great one!



3 thoughts on “2017 Goals

  1. angiabercrombie says:

    You can do all of these and I would love to help coach you via the blog on your mile and losing weight part! You won’t starve. You won’t die and you will have more energy than you ever dreamed. But you have to move! xo HNY!


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