The best Christmas

I had the best christmas this year! I felt that i did so much festive activities like lost of markets and shopping and i also watched and tone of christmas movies this year compared to last. Also just to add i have been listening to christmas songs since 1st November.

This christmas i spent it with my boyfriend and his family at his sisters in the north of England. We took my dog teddy and we traveled up christmas morning and stayed the night. It was really chilled and a lot of fun. DSC_0088.JPG

My Boyfriends sisters boyfriend (mouthful) is a trained chef and put on the most amazing christmas lunch and obviously like everyone else i was stuffed and didn’t want to move or eat ever again.

Because i am older now with christmas its more family  food and alcohol, thats what i get excited for and just time off from work really to chill and catch up with friends too. I have no children really in my family and nor does my boyfriend so its all grown ups and we don’t get excited in that way for christmas but i still love it and i am sure soon there will be children to make us even more excited for christmas (if possible).

I also got the best gifts this year, three things especially that i have wanted for a really long time!  ill go through all my gifts in another blog post though..

but i hope everyone has had the best christmas and has a great 2017, it can really only get better from here!



Moe oxoxo


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