Lion, the film (spoliers)

So yesterday i saw lion in the cinemas (i believe it came out in the UK this Friday). I felt so inspired from it and just utterly grateful for my life, family but also my childhood. I have had such a blessed childhood and i didn’t have everything i wanted but i had everything i needed, a family, a free education, toys, a roof over my head and food and water on demand.

This film is a true story and it really left me thinking of how lucky most of us are even when we don’t feel it or see it. But we truly are!

The film is about a little boy who was born in India in pretty much the slums and was being raised by his mother, he had an older brother and a younger sister and they collected rocks to earn money and provide food for themselves. The little boy one night went to work with his older brother and he ended up getting lost for a  few months around india and then adopted by a lovely Australian couple and had a good life before finding where he was from and returning.

At the end of the movie was some facts and it really put into prospective how often this happens, in one year around 80,000 children from india go missing! That is just so crazy to hear and something that is so unheard from around here. My heart really broke for them and i couldn’t imagine how scary it must be knowing you are lost and will most likely never see your family again, let alone being 5 years old.

I am not going to go to much into the story(already completely spoiled it) but i really recommend going to see the film or if not read this ‘’  link and it will have a lot more information regarding this on there.

I hope one day i can do something just to help this situation in the smallest way possible even if so but it still makes me feel so fortunate and so bad for ever crying about a toy i didn’t get when i was younger that i would of played with for a day.

This also makes me realise how much is going on in the world that we are so unaware of, i am going to try and make sure i open my eyes more at my surroundings and also use all of my oppotunties available to myself, we all should!



Benefit Hoola Zero Tanline – Bad product review.


Some people might disagree with me but this is the worst fake tan i have ever used. I purchased this tan back in the summer and have only used it a few times and after the first it was literally only because i needed tan and had none left of the one i normally use.

I heard such great reviews and opinions on this tan when the product first came out i was desperate to buy and try like most products i buy. But if i was you i really wouldn’t waste your money.

There are so many reasons as to why its not great and this main reason is that its only 12 hours.

I stupidly didn’t look at that when i purchased. I personally  think 12 hour tan is a waste of time especially in when you live in the UK! If you use this tan for a night out and you go to busy a club and a drink gets spilt on you instantly you have a tan line and streaks! Or if its raining again streaks straight away. This is not what you want when you are on a night out or at an event wanting to look and feel good. I believe as well a self tanner that last longer looks better and more natural as well.

The product its self is stupidly sticky and i hate hate hate that about any tan! If its for a few minutes i get that but this one takes ages to finally feel smooth.

With this product they supply you with a small applicator and this is the main thing that drove me to purchase this product, i thought that this was such a good idea. Sadly i was also mistaken, the applicator is dyer and is completely pointless unless you are using the product for your face only. Its way too small and doesn’t do the job. I though because of the way the applicator is designed that this would stop my hands going orange but sadly this was not the case either. Because the applicator is so small the product goes all over your hands and fingers, very annoying! It doesn’t go on any smoother either, this actually makes the application process longer as its much smaller. Mitts are easier as they get more of your body and take less time.


I find the colour of the tan also not great, its very light and hardly noticeable. When i buy  fake tan i don’t want to be orange or a completely opposite colour to my usual self but i do want a some what noticeable difference. It might be my skin colour i am not sure but colour wise i was also disappointed and found myself using another tan on top. Not practice.

The one thing i will say about this tan is the small i find actually really nice, a very fresh pineapple scent which I personally love as it reminds me of being on holiday. If you don’t  hopefully get rained on or a drink down you on a night out there is no streaks which i love and appreciate also.

I Personally would not rate this product at all and i wouldn’t re-purchase especially when it retails for £19.50 its a waste of money. There are so many self tanning products out there for better value and do a ten times better job than this one will. I love many benefit products but this one i was let down and disappointed.



The top two drug store foundations

I am not one to spend loads on foundations and when i do i always find myself going back to the same two drug store foundations that i find even better than most high end foundations. Ive been using these two foundations for years and i swear by them!



This is by far by favourite foundation i have ever used and i keep repurchasing it! I can not fault this foundation. What i look for in a foundation is staying on my face and not looking ‘cakey’ my two main must haves. This one has both. I use one pump for day time and the foundation stays on my face all day without and issue. Its only £9.99 retailing at boots too so you can’t go wrong! If you haven’t tried this foundation yet i would consider. If you don’t want to spend a tone of money on a foundation but also want your make up to look good this one is for you. I really really can’t fault this honestly.

L’oreal have recently also brought out a tone of new shades in this foundation which i really respect, some foundations just don’t have many shades and it can get really annoying NOTHING is better than a foundation that matches perfect with your skin!


My second favourite – 


I have honestly been wearing this foundation since i was about 16 and i have never really stopped, if i need to quickly pick up a foundation if i have run out and have no time to go far i will always go to Tesco and get this one. This foundation stays on forever and i use barely anything and it covers my face! Which is two bonus’s in its self as that means it last longer! So again if you are looking for a low budget foundation but want to slay your make up these are really good! Its also amazing for day to day make up when you’re going to work or school as it gives such good everyday make up look.


So again if you are looking for a cheaper foundation thats just as good as a more high end foundation these two are the ones, i couldn’t rave about them any more. They look amazing, make your skin look flawless, stay on all day and you can get away with using the smallest amount and to me thats all you need a foundation especially for day to to day. You will not be disappointed in these foundations! Give them a go!!!


Moe oxox

L’oreal micellar water

Micellar water is always a must have product. Its the easiest way sometimes to remove your make up in the quickest of time and most of them always leave your skin feeling so soft and fresh.

When i have nights where i am to tired to remove my make up i am always reaching for micellar water. I have tried few now and this L’oreal Micellar water is my favourite one i have found so far. I only use about 3 cotton pads and all my make up is removed and my face is looking clean and fresh!

I picked this one up from super drug retailing at £5.99 for a large sized bottle and have been using it nearly every single day in December, sometimes twice and i have still an pretty much the whole bottle left, so value for money with this product is pretty awesome. I normally use the Liz Earle Instant Boost skin Tonic, which i love but it and is my second favourite Liz Earle product but it can be pricey as it retails for £14.99 and doesn’t last as long. If you are looking for something with  cheaper then this is your product. I couldn’t rave about the product enough, i really couldn’t.

I believe sometimes less is more and when i am having problematic skin i tend to stick with just one product one my skin as i don’t want to over power it with different products, this really works for me as its simple and doesn’t stress my skin out so if you are struggling at the moment with problem skin then this is another reason why you should invest!



Moe Oxox


The best Christmas

I had the best christmas this year! I felt that i did so much festive activities like lost of markets and shopping and i also watched and tone of christmas movies this year compared to last. Also just to add i have been listening to christmas songs since 1st November.

This christmas i spent it with my boyfriend and his family at his sisters in the north of England. We took my dog teddy and we traveled up christmas morning and stayed the night. It was really chilled and a lot of fun. DSC_0088.JPG

My Boyfriends sisters boyfriend (mouthful) is a trained chef and put on the most amazing christmas lunch and obviously like everyone else i was stuffed and didn’t want to move or eat ever again.

Because i am older now with christmas its more family  food and alcohol, thats what i get excited for and just time off from work really to chill and catch up with friends too. I have no children really in my family and nor does my boyfriend so its all grown ups and we don’t get excited in that way for christmas but i still love it and i am sure soon there will be children to make us even more excited for christmas (if possible).

I also got the best gifts this year, three things especially that i have wanted for a really long time!  ill go through all my gifts in another blog post though..

but i hope everyone has had the best christmas and has a great 2017, it can really only get better from here!



Moe oxoxo

Loreal Facemask!


Honestly i can’t rave about these face masks enough! My skin has been horrendous over the christmas period due to bad choice in food and also drink!

This morning when i woke up i decided to get it together, its 2017! Put on these two face masks which is the glow (brown) and purifying (green) and i feel the results already. These face mask are so great and easy to use they are also amazing to take off too which is always a plus when it comes to face masks. These face mask are also an amazing price for the amount of product you get, they’re are all under £7! Also if you are in the uk id get them from super drug as i always find that they sell the same products at a cheaper price and have better deals than most uk drug stores.


Get these, i promise you, you will not regret it!