Teddy turns 3

My baby shih Tzu has turned 3! And he’s pulled a muscle or injured his back and been in the vets all week but thankfully he’s so much better now, if you have a pet please get insurance you’ll regret it if not that’s all I’m saying! 

I got teddy just under three years ago and bought him all myself when I was 18 and hes been my best friend ever since! He’s probably the most babied dog in the world who gives the best cuddles! 


The best Simple Product you will EVER try.

So I’m not stranger when it comes to trying the newest skin care products especially when they are really affordable! I saw so many people post about the new Simple cleansing Oil I just had to try and I’ve been absolutely loving it! 

I’ve got really bad combination skin so it’s either really dry, really oily or both! So I am always extra careful with what I put on my skin due to the fact using one product that’s designed to tackle say my dry skin will make my oily parts worse, if you know what I mean. 

But this does both?! Crazy I know an oil that leaves my oily skin clear…  but it’s working for me it’s making my skin lovely and clear and also very very soft! 

I couldn’t recommend this product enough, it’s so affordable last a really long time and works for both skin types! Pure magic, so go out there and get it before I do! You will not regret it, trust me.