Costa Christmas Hot Chocolates 

One of my favourite things about Christmas is Costas Hot drinks, I am not a fan of coffee or tea but live for hot chocolate! Sadly I’m allergic to all dairy as of recently but will still suffer for one of these everyone once and a while. 

These drinks are a little bit of Christmas heaven and are so beautiful but yet so bad and addicting. If you are a hot chocolate lover you will tottally agree! 
I’ve tried the Black Forest, toasted marshmellow and also the Lindt one and my favourite by far is the Black Forest… so dreamy!! 

The Lindt one has so much sugar that you can only have it in a small cup so that kind of puts me off in a way and was also extreamly rich in chocolate flavour, so unless you really like that i would stay away!
I also had a slight taste of the chocolate orange one i dont really think thats for me, but i will try the mint flavour next!!

The christmas cups are everything too and i now feel so festive and cant wait to get in the full swing of christmas spirit!

moe oxo


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