A Tuesday Rant 

So tonight I’ve seen something on social media (nothing personal to me) and it’s just made me so angry! I don’t normally get into things people post and normally don’t care, but I’m so sick of women slating other women!! 

Big or small you are beautiful and who cares what others believe? Like really. Why is it okay for others to point out who’s unhealthy and who’s not, who are you to judge? Like really sister. Focus on yourself! 

We need to build each other up for our achievements not bring each other down for our apearences! We have enough men in the world thinking it’s okay to bring us down, why are we doing it to each other? Why? Be nice, be kind! It gets you far honestly. 

It takes a second out of our day to complement someone not even on their personal apperence but also their personal achievements as well and you make just make someone’s day. 
Just think next time you make a comment on social media or in public, how would I feel if that was about me? 

#empowerment #women #love 


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