Fancied a challenge 

I’ve just recently turned 21 and this year I feel I just want to challenge myself a lot and also face my fears too.

I booked a holiday for myself with my parter to the Dominican, 9 hour flight and I hate flying.. I thought forcing myself on a long flight with crazy turbulence may I add, would put me out of my comfort zone and help my fears. It did massively. I also hate with a capital H thunder storms, I don’t know why I’m so afraid or why they give me so anxiety but sadly they do. So I thought what better than to make myself go to the Caribbean and face those fears also at the same time! Luckily for me.. kind of there wasn’t any so that didn’t work, but I did however have an amazing time and I loved every minute… definite return!

Secondly I’ve been driving for nearly two years now and had an 2002 fiat punto that died on me and I made a big girl step financially and decided to buy myself a brand new polo, I’ve been thinking and looking at cars for the last year and finaly in September I decided to make the big step and order myself a new car, this arrived last week and I’m totally in love!! Too add to driving section of my great challenges this year I also want to set myself a challenge to drive a long distance journey, longer than an hour.. which I am still yet todo! 

I’ve recently decided I wanted to dye my hair a little darker and cut it… I also hate having my hair cut! I had the day of yesterday and decided to have a chop and also go darker for winter and I’ve been dying my hair a light blonde since I was 14 years old, it doesn’t seem like much to most people but I found this a massive changed but I loved the out come!! Hopefully looking to go even darker next month and I feel great about it! 

Through out the next year I’m going to do challenges, big or small to put me out out of my comfort zone and do things I wouldn’t normally do due to fear, I hope I stick to this and hopefully more changes to come! 

Moe ox #lifestyle #change


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