Taking a breath. 

I’ve had the busiest week and I finally had a day of today. I spent it just relaxing and doing everything at my own pace, it was so lovely. Sometimes I believe life is going at such a fast pace and we need to just slow down before we over stesss!! 

I let myself sleep in which was so needed after getting up real early for the last week! I had breakfast in bed and then sat and watched some YouTube videos.

After a lovely salad I got ready and took the dog for a nice brisk walk and I just felt so relaxed! It was nice to walk him far and not be rushed for time and we found a nice place for him to go off the lead and have a run around as he’s not a massive fan of walking on the lead to much. 

I love walking, I love the fresh air and I love just being with my own thoughts. It’s so important to just give yourself time even if it’s just five minuets everyday, life is way to short to be over stressed and worried! Give yourself some time to sit back and think and breath!! Have a bath or listen to music, or even watch an episode of your favourite tv show on your own!

 Alone time is good and it’s normal and it’s something we need every once in a while just to be with your own train of thought and remember what’s important about life, you are important! 
Moe xo 


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