I’ve had the busiest week and my skin is feeling it! So tonight I decided to have a really relaxing night and gave my skin some TLC. I used my 5 all time favourite products all from Liz Earle and I use most of the daily. 

First I start off with the cleanse and polish and run my cloth under the hot tap to get it nice and warm, and then I’ll pump a small amount of the cleanse and polish on my hand and start to rub it around my face in slow circlur movements. Then I’ll take it off with with the cloth. 

Secondly I’ll grab some cotton wool pads and pour a tiny bit of skin tonic on and again run in a small circular motion around my face. This product is my ultimate favourite I love how it makes me skin feel after, I personally feel like it really gets all the excess dirt off my face without making it red and rough! I feel the tonic feels really natural and simple to use and would really really recomend this if you don’t like using much product on your skin. 

Thirdly again I will put this on a cotton pad and do the same as the tonic but this is just for your eyes, you need the tiniest amount of the eye lotion as it goes a long way. This takes off your eye make up so simply and also again doesn’t leave your skin red and feeling rough where you’ve been rubbing to get off your make up. This product is also so great because it’s really cool and soothing and you can also use it for bites and cuts. 

Then next I will pop the mask on for 10-15 minuets and honestly this is the most amazing mask, it smells Devine and makes my skin feel so soft and fresh!! This is a massive recomend. I got this  in a gift box but you are able to buy it separate it’s not that expensive and it’s such a good product, I probably use this 1-2 a week but you could use it more or less depending on skin type! 

Lastly after using this product I will use a clean cloth and take off the excess product by gently rubbing in big circular motions to make sure everything is clean and gone. Then once clean I’ll pop on a small amount (one pump to be prastice) of the Liz Earle Comination to oily moisturiser, I love this product so much and this is my 3rd bottle this year, it’s around £20 but for winter it’s an absolute god send and a must have product!! 

If you are looking to splash out a little on skin Liz Earle is a must! There’s so much option for different skin types and I don’t believe it’s to expensive really considering how long all these products last!! This whole routine took me about 20 minuets but I make sure I take my time because i believe it’s so important to look after your skin and it’s not really something that should be rushed if not needed! 


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