Dominican Republic!


Ive just come back from the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. I went there for a holiday and some time away to celebrate my 21st birthday with my boyfriend. And it was the most amazing trip, we’ve been lucky enough to go on a few this year but this one was one of the best.

I really wanted a relaxing trip and aimed to spend most of the time at the beach or on a sun lounger by the pool with a cocktail in my hand!

We went with Thomson and got a package deal as sometimes I believe they can be the easiest (obviously depending on trip type). The flight was 8 hours there and back and the time difference is 5 hours behind, I am very tired!
I believe this is so worth I love visiting new places and because it was my 21st I really wanted to try a new and different country and I am so glad we did.
We stayed at an all inclusive hotel called the Riu Bachatta, lovely hotel but could use some work with updated food options and even investing in a snack bar like promised! I love fruit by the pool I’m just saying.
Me and my boyfriend don’t mind all inclusive at all we’re not fussy eaters and are easily pleased with simple food. We also find having a drinks service 24/7 is very handy and as staying hydrated in hot temperatures are extreamly important!



The weather was was also beautiful but at times annoying because we were in the Caribbean during hurricane season and hurricane Matthew we had a few showers towards the end of our stay especially our last full day but I still managed to catch a nice glowy tan!



I probably spent most of my days pretending to be a photographer and trying to catch the best shots and videos! The place was so beautiful I don’t understand how you couldn’t constantly keep snapping away capture these beautiful picturesque views! (Sorry instagram followers)



On the day of my birthday I just wanted to chill we were going to go to a place called paradise island which looked incredible but it turned out you’d be on the island for a short time and trying to get to it for the rest of the day. For the money they were asking it didn’t seem worth it, So we just relaxed at the beach and I was perfectly fine with that!

When we came back to our room the maids had decorated it in balloons and left a card and a hand maid mug which was incredibly sweet and lovely of them and the hotel! In the evening we went to there steak house and had a very nice sit down meal which made a nice change from the buffet and it was also located on the beach so we could hear the waves, very relaxing!


The hotel ground we great and there were so very beautiful and colourful shop buildings sadly we looked once but just got swamped by the shop keepers trying to sell us things which was really annoying and intimidating. They keept giving me free ankle bracelets and would put them on me before I could even decline! This is so you feel guilty in to buying something… terribly annoying! There was some lovely stuff in the shops too but because they make you feel so uncomfortable you don’t even want to look or entertain the idea of purchasing any items from them.
All in all we had the best trip and will return to the Dominican Republic, the island is just beyond stunning and the people are so lovely and friendly! I honestly recomend to go if you are planing to go to the carribbean!

Moe ox


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